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Metabolic Signalling to Chromatin

Precursors for epigenetic reactions stem largely from central metabolism (see Figure for examples of acetylation and methylation) and local concentrations of these metabolic intermediates have been demonstrated to directly influence the enzymatic reactions leading to chromatin modifications. It is important to note that metabolic changes are very prominent alterations during ageing and nutritional interventions are very potent in the prolongation of health span in virtually all model organisms studied.
We are very interested to understand quantitatively and mechanistically how changes in metabolic pathways impact chromatin modifications and thus, plasticity. We pursue these questions in collaborations with experts in metabolomics and proteomics and use primary cells or tissue culture as model systems. In addition, we are interested in understanding how nutritional interventions impact chromatin modifications. To this end, we are profiling epigenetic marks in purified cell populations from different ages and interventions.

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Metabolic Signalling to Chromatin: Text
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